Ian Balina
Founder and CEO of Token Metrics, a data-driven cryptocurrency investment research platform. Former Sales Executive at IBM and IT consultant at Deloitte. BS and MS in Computer Engineering.
Top 3 Lessons From a Crypto Bear Market
Here are the top three things we've learned from this bear market and the previous bull market.1 - Defense wins championships, not offense. The hard part isn't making money. The hard part
1 min read
Bakkt Bitcoin Futures is Live, Bitcoin Hashrate Flash Crash, and More
Crypto Download
In this blog post, we share the top news of the past week and link to the video we just posted that covers more of the news listed.
1 min read
The Start of Something New
Company Updates
Now is the time to start a new path forward. We are gradually launching the Token Metric's social media channels.
2 min read

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