The Best Crypto Analysts of 2021

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Why are Crypto Analysts Important?

The crazy world of cryptocurrency is a 24 hour, seven days a week marketplace that never sleeps. There is so much information to take in that it is nearly impossible to keep up. 

This constant information speed provides a problem to crypto investors as what is known and understood today could be rendered irrelevant tomorrow. 

This reason is why crypto analysts are so important in the space. Crypto analysts are the people you can reliably go to for up-to-date technical analysis (TA).

There are quite a few analysts in the crypto space, and unfortunately, many of them are in the range of mediocre to downright horrible. This Moon Awards category is here to cut through that noise and present you with nothing but the best-of-the-best crypto analysts. 

The analysts on this are all people you can go to for reliable cryptoanalysis on an almost daily level. They are always informed on the market, have valuable insight, and are often great teachers. Following the right analysts in crypto will significantly advantage your trades and lead you to be a far more successful trader.

You can check out the cryptoanalysis of Ian Balina, Forrest Przybysz, and William Noble on our YouTube channel! William is a former Goldman Sachs financial market thought-leader who is well-known for his charting and in-depth analysis, while Forrest is an expert in the cryptocurrency space who has been around since 2014. On the other hand, Ian has been a force in the crypto scene for years due to his trading techniques and research abilities

Top 3 Crypto Analysts of 2021

1) Bill Noble

Bill Noble

“Bill Noble is a big shot new analyst on the block. He brings a blend of crypto and legacy market analysis to provide key market analysis and trends.  Bill’s market update is well thought out, very detailed and provides a unique perspective different from current analysts out.” – Ugo Nduaguba, Partner, Token Metrics Ventures

Arriving in a clear 1st place with over 60% of the total vote is Token Metrics’ very own crypto analyst Bill Noble. For those following Token Metrics, you are very familiar with Bill and his expert technical analysis used to provide valuable insight into the crypto market. Still, you may not know as much about his prestigious background as you think. 

As for those not familiar with Token Metrics, let me introduce you to community favorite Bill Noble.

Bill Noble began his career as an intern on J.P. Morgan’s FX desk in the summer of 1990. In August of that year, Iraq invaded Kuwait and Bill had a front-row seat to the biggest move since the 1987 crash.

After living through the chaos of that move, Bill began studying technical analysis as a way to navigate such significant movements. Upon graduating from Rutgers in 1991 with a bachelor’s degree in economics, Bill joined a Swiss bank that is now part of UBS. 

Bill was then sent to the CBOT in Chicago, where he got his education in futures and became a technical analyst for the firm’s options trading group. During that span, Bill witnessed the 1994-1995 crash in U.S Treasuries that saw the yield on the long bond rise from 5.00% to 8.25%. During this move, Bill honed his skills as an analyst during highly volatile environments.

In the late 1990s, Bill joined a small software company and started  This site focused on using technical analysis and data mining to offer cues on future direction. When the dot-com bust began in 2000, Bill was hired by Morgan Stanley to produce the work exclusively for them. As a result, the bill became a part of equity derivatives research voted #1 by a leading market publication.

In 2002, Bill completed his Executive MBA at the University of Texas at Austin while working full-time at Morgan Stanley. 

In 2004, Bill moved to Goldman Sachs. Goldman used Bill’s work as an independent research voice that was separate from their research department. Bill was integral in helping the firm catch tops in 2008, 2010, and 2011, along with a major bottom in 2011.  Bill presented annually at the GS CIO conference delivering longer-term views to Goldman’s institutional clients. On a visit to mainland China, Bill was commended for providing “the most value of any Goldman Sachs analyst ever sent to mainland China.”

In 2018, Bill entered the crypto industry by joining Crypto.IQ. Bill brings a pioneering perspective to crypto. He sees crypto as an asset class to analyzed alongside other asset classes such as stocks, bonds, FX, and metals.

Along with our YouTube channel, you can also see Bill’s insights via Token Metrics TV and his own Twitter account.

2) Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin Cowen

“Ben Cowen is a pioneer of the YouTube crypto analyst space, providing viewers with valuable, original ideas and analysis derived from his expertise in data science.” – Forrest Przbysz, Head of Research, Token Metrics

Arriving in a distant 2nd place with right around 15% of the total vote is the increasingly popular crypto analyst, Benjamin Cowen. With nearly 500,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, Cowen has a massive presence in the cryptocurrency space.

With a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of New Mexico School of Engineering and a background in Computational Mathematics and Programming from North Carolina State University, Cowen is a well-educated individual.

The best way to describe Cowen’s strategy is to view at as a combination of computational mathematics with a long-term perspective to maximize risk-adjusted returns. With this strategy, Cowen has been very successful.

Cowen also provides excellent perspective in terms of the macros of cryptocurrency, primarily through technical analysis. However, his style is more fit for an intermediate crypto investor than for an early beginner, as much of his information may go over the beginner’s head.

By watching his analysis, you can get an excellent feel for the current state of the market and invest accordingly.

3) Joel Kovshoff (Coach K)

Coach K

“Coach K is a great crypto analyst we have been working alongside for a long time. He has a strong understanding of technical analysis and provides excellent insights for short-term trades.” – Sam Monac, Chief Culture Officer, Token Metrics

 After being slightly edged out by Benjamin Cowen, Joel Kovshoff (commonly known as Coach K) arrives as our 3rd place crypto analyst of 2021.

With his YouTube channel, Coach K gives quick and insightful videos that are straight to the point in a world where YouTube videos are filled with fluff to collect more money.

Like many other crypto analysts on this list, Coach K is a gifted swing-trader who provides a barrage of information and insights into the current events, technical analysis, and predictions of the crypto market. 

One of the things Coach K is most famous for is accurately calling the bear market bottom in January 2019.

Coach K is also involved with many projects in the space as he serves as an advisor to PlotX, PAID Network, Splyt Core Foundation, FINXFLO, and as Chief Marketing officer for AnRKey X.

Honorable Mention: Mati Greenspan

Mati Greenspan

“Mati is a seasoned market analyst with prior experience at eToro. He has made regular appearances on Bloomberg, and his newsletter is one of the best in the industry.” – Ian Balina, Founder and CEO of Token Metrics

After being narrowly edged out by Coach K by less than 1% of the total vote, Mati Greenspan is more than worthy of an honorable mention as a top crypto analyst. Greenspan has a massive influence on the crypto space and was named one of the Top 100 Notable People in Blockchain in 2021.

Greenspan’s primary company is Quantum Economics, but before founding Quantum Economics in 2019, Greenspan was a Senior Market Analyst at crypto brokerage and social trading platform eToro. At eToro, Greenspan became known for his ability to spot and articulate investment opportunities in rapidly evolving industries.

With Quantum Economics, Greenspan specializes in analyzing quantum economics’s effects and using the analysis to help traders navigate crypto’s murky waters.

Greenspan is also the co-author of The Complete Guide to Fintech and Investing and is a licensed portfolio manager in the European Union.

Greenspan is a great asset for any crypto investor who will keep you informed on the crypto markets so that you can make the best investment decisions possible.

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