The Best Crypto Newsletters of 2021

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Why are Crypto Newsletters Important?

Crypto is one of the most evolutionary and rapidly changing industries in the world. What is known and understood today can be rendered irrelevant the following day. This speed of communication is why it is essential always to keep a pulse on the crypto market.

One of the best ways to stay on top of the crypto market is to let the crypto world come right to your inbox. Crypto newsletters are the perfect way to receive up-to-date crypto news daily, weekly, or monthly.

There are hundreds of crypto and blockchain newsletters in the space vying for your attention, and these newsletters are not all created equal. There are three crucial aspects to look for when determining your newsletter of choice.

The first and most important facet is the reliability of the source. You must use a crypto newsletter from bias, misinformation, and FUD (intentionally evoked fear, uncertainty, and doubt) so that you receive information that you can reliably use to make informed decisions.

The second critical feature of a newsletter is its ability to report up-to-date information. News, macro events, and micro-events are game-changers in the crypto marketplace. That is why it is critical to follow a newsletter that reports all of the most relevant and current information. 

You do not want to follow a newsletter that provides insight far behind other sources, as it makes the info unactionable.

The last crucial aspect to consider when choosing your preferred newsletter is the price. While many newsletters are free, not all of them are. This statement isn’t to say that paying for a newsletter is a poor decision, as many paid newsletters provide tremendous value, but when you have to pay for a newsletter, you now have to consider if the resource is worth the price.

It is important to note that to keep this edition of the Moon Awards free from any bias, we have removed the Token Metrics Newsletter from the pool of award winners despite garnering a significant portion of the votes.

Thank you to all of our loyal newsletter recipients for your votes in this Moon Awards category!

Top 3 Crypto Newsletters of 2020

1) Off the Chain

Off The Chain Crypto Newsletter

“Pomp OWNS the newsletter space. His newsletter may be the only reason crypto people still look at their email” – William Noble, Chief Technical Analyst, Token Metrics

Arriving in first place with roughly 39% of the total vote is the crypto newsletter Off the Chain. This result comes as no surprise as Off the Chain is the newsletter of crypto icon Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano. 

Off the Chain is a crypto newsletter with tens of thousands of subscribers. With Off the Chain, you can expect a vast array of cryptocurrency and blockchain information. The newsletter covers things like crypto exchanges, securities, tokens, trading, and much more.

With Pomp’s experience as founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital, a hedge fund focused on digital assets, the Off the Chain newsletter has a distinct focus on investment

The Off the Chain newsletter has become regarded as one of the most detailed institutional crypto newsletters in existence. With a daily publication, Off the Cain allows readers to stay ahead of the cryptocurrency market so that they can make profitable investments.

Interestingly enough, the newsletter comes with two editions. There is both a free version and a paid version of the Off the Chain newsletter

Pomp’s newsletter’s paid version comes with a few additional perks not found in the newsletter’s free version. Paid members receive the extra perks of early access to podcast episodes, comprehensive show notes, and a daily letter from Pompliano to investors.

2) Quantum Economics

Quantum Economics Crypto Newsletter

“Mati Greenspan is a great crypto analyst, and I enjoy reading his daily analysis on the markets through Quantum Economics.” – Ian Balina, Founder and CEO of Token Metrics

Coming in a close 2nd place with a little over 20% of the total vote is the crypto newsletter Quantum Economics. Launched in 2019 by investment specialist and market analyst Mati Greenspan, Quantum Economics has taken the crypto inboxes by storm.

Before founding Quantum Economics, Greenspan was a Senior Market Analyst at crypto brokerage and social trading platform eToro. At eToro, Greenspan became known for his ability to spot and articulate investment opportunities in rapidly evolving industries. 

Greenspan is also the co-author of The Complete Guide to Fintech and Investing and is a licensed portfolio manager in the European Union.

Quantum Economics is a company dedicated to analyzing the effects of quantum economics and using its analysis to help people navigate crypto’s waters.

The Quantum Economic newsletter describes itself as the newsletter “for cutting edge updates on the financial markets and top-notch updates,” and it has the track record to back up this claim.

For any crypto investor, the Quantum Economic newsletter is a crucial tool to have in your inbox that will keep you informed on the crypto markets so that you can make the best investment decisions possible. To top it all off, Quantum Economics is free.

3) Bankless

Bankless Crypto Newsletter

“Bankless isn’t just a well-done newsletter, but it’s also a must-subscribe podcast. The secret behind this small media entity is out: it’s where crypto reporters get their news, so it’s where crypto investors should get theirs as well.” – Dylan Love, Host of Crypto Hot Seat, Token Metrics

Arriving in 3rd place with just over 15% of the total vote is the crypto newsletter Bankless. Launched by Ryan Sean Adams, the founder of Mythos Capital, Bankless blends money and tech insights that help their subscribers improve their finances.

With over 90k subscribers, Bankless aims to bring readers on a journey towards a bankless revolution through Ethereum, Bitcoin, crypto, open finance, and DeFi. What makes Bankless genuinely unique is that the newsletter helps people easily understand the technical narrative of cryptocurrencies. 

Bankless also provides users with thesis-driven crypto picks to assist you in front-running opportunities as quickly as possible. These picks play directly into Bankless’s mission of being your guide on the cryptocurrency journey so that you can front-run the financial revolution.

Honorable Mention: The Defiant

The Defiant Crypto Newsletter

“Camilla Russo was doing crypto news on a subscription basis way before it was cool. It’s been exciting to watch her media company grow into the valuable, well-read resource that it is today.” – Dylan Love, Host of Crypto Hot Seat, Token Metrics

Despite not placing as an award winner as one of the best crypto newsletters according to the vote, The Defiant is more than worthy of an honorable mention on this list. Launched by Camilla Russo, The Defiant is another crypto newsletter that provides a balance between a free newsletter and a paid version.

The Defiant bills itself as “the essential platform for all things DeFi” as the newsletter curates, digests, and analyzes all things in the space. The newsletter aims to be the most trusted information source in decentralized finance, and it’s committed to producing high-value content for everyone. 

Subscribers to The Defiant get access to the latest news, opinion pieces, exclusive interviews with the space’s key players, and a weekly recap.

While many of these features are available to the free subscribers of The Defiant, paid subscribers receive an additional edge. Paid subscribers receive two to three news briefings per week, a full transcript of exclusive interviews, early access to guest opinion pieces, full access to The Defiant’s archive, and a private subscriber chat.

Best Crypto Newsletter Result

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