The Best Crypto YouTube Channels of 2021

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Why are Crypto YouTube Channels Important?

Crypto is one of the most revolutionary and personality-filled industries in the world. Information is the most valuable currency in the crypto world. The people who provide a bulk of this information tend to be the most exciting in the crypto space.

In the crypto ecosystem, there is one form of social media that reigns supreme.  YouTube is the social media platform that is the face of crypto. Love it or hate it, YouTube and crypto influencers have used their platform to elevate cryptocurrencies to a new height. As a result, crypto and YouTube go together like peanut butter and jelly.

While this social media platform doesn’t always provide information as soon as it is announced, YouTube is an excellent source of detailed information and walkthroughs. The best content creators on YouTube provide in-depth information and walkthroughs that are beneficial to any crypto investor.

In crypto, social media is a potent tool that provides a massive benefit in the crypto space. While there have been some harmful side effects of social media in crypto, the benefits have far outweighed the negatives. 

Crypto and social media are here to stay, and they will continue to build each other up. This mutual interest is what makes social media essential for any crypto investor.

It is important to note that to keep this edition of the Moon Awards free from any bias, we have removed Token Metrics from the pool of award winners despite garnering a significant portion of the votes.

 You can check out our YouTube channel here. Thank you to all of our loyal supporters for your votes in this Moon Awards category.

Top 3 Crypto YouTube Channels of 2021

1) Bitboy Crypto

Bitboy Crypto YouTube

“Bitboy provides consistent positive commentary on crypto on YouTube through daily live streams and videos. He continues to teach countless people about crypto and why it is so important to our future and through doing so has created the biggest social following and community in the space.” – Forrest Przbysz, Head of Research, Token Metrics

Arriving in 1st place as the best crypto YouTuber with a dominating 40% of the total vote is Bitboy Crypto. This result is no surprise, as with over 1.2 million subscribers, Bitboy is a titan in the crypto space.

Known offline as Ben Armstrong, Bitboy Crypto first became involved in crypto in 2012 by investing in Bitcoin. Since then, cryptocurrency has continued to fascinate Ben, and he eventually went “full-time crypto” in 2018 with the launch of his YouTube channel.

Backed by one of the strongest research teams in crypto, Bitboy Crypto is the channel for the latest crypto news, project reviews, and trading advice.

The Bitboy community, aptly called the BitSquad, is not just limited to YouTube, though, as Ben has a massive following on Tik Tok as well. In fact, Ben’s Tik Tok account has even more followers than his YouTube channel, with over 2.5 million followers.

2) Ivan on Tech

Ivan on Tech YouTube

Arriving in 2nd place as one of the crypto YouTube accounts is the programmer and developer Ivan on Tech. Ivan is a Sweden-based YouTuber who has taken the crypto world by storm with nearly 500k subscribers on YouTube.

Ivan’s vision is to educate the crypto community and the masses on the blockchain field’s technical aspects. He believes in this vision so much that he dropped out of his computer master’s studies to pursue this goal.

This decision to leave his computer master’s study has turned out to be a great one for Ivan as he has made immense strides in achieving his goal. While Ivan is immensely popular on YouTube due to his live streams, he is also an international speaker on blockchain and an educator through his academy.

The Ivan on Tech Academy is a high-level blockchain programming course with an alumni network of over 11k people.

The Ivan on Tech channel is a fantastic YouTube channel that is well worth a follow. Ivan provides in-depth knowledge on the programming side of blockchain and intelligent commentary on the crypto market. 

Ivan’s videos are a must-have for anyone interested in learning how to program or learn more about blockchain’s programming aspect.

3) Altcoin Daily

Altcoin Daily YouTube

Rounding out the group of honorees with 14% of the total vote is the crypto channel Altcoin Daily. Hosted by brothers Aaron and Austin Arnold, Altcoin Daily has just under 1 million subscribers and has taken the crypto YouTube space by storm.

Despite the channel being called Altcoin daily, Austin and Aaron are massive believers in Bitcoin who take a self-described “free market” approach to the larger cryptocurrency space. 

What this essentially means is that Austin and Aaron trade altcoins to accumulate more Bitcoin.

With that said, Altcoin Daily produces incredible content surrounding altcoins along with the larger crypto market as a whole. The channel also makes great collaborative content with many other significant channels in the space, including those on this list like Bitboy Crypto and EllioTrades.

Honorable Mention: EllioTrades Crypto

EllioTrades YouTube

After being narrowly edged out by Altcoin Daily, EllioTrades is more than worthy of an honorable mention on our best crypto YouTubers list after garnering 13% of the total vote.

Hosted by Elliot Wainman, EllioTrades is one of the most prominent YouTubers in the space, with right around 350k subscribers, and for a good reason. Elliot frequently provides fantastic analysis on the cryptocurrency market, particularly in altcoins and NFTs.

Frequently calling himself “the cryptocurrency red pill,” the wealth of information provided by Elliot is valuable for both crypto beginners and crypto experts as he does a fantastic job of explaining crypto in a clear and engaging way.

As many devout EllioTrades followers have noticed, Elliot has recently entered the cryptocurrency space with his project SuperFarm. Spurred by Elliot’s passion for NFTs, SuperFarm is a platform designed to make NFTs more accessible and easier to use by offering a cross-chain NFT platform. With SuperFarm, anybody can launch their own NFTs and NFT farms without any coding knowledge required.

Top Crypto YouTube Channel Results

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