The Best of Cryptocurrency 2021

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Here at Token Metrics, we understand that our most valuable asset is you, our audience. 

With your help, we have put together a special ceremony called the Moon Awards. The Moon Awards will put important aspects of cryptocurrency under review, with the best items in each category decided by your vote.

The Moon Awards

With so many facets of cryptocurrency to cover, we have broken down this year’s awards into the following categories:

Top NFT Projects

Best NFT Projects

Top Low-Cap Projects

best low-cap defi projects of 2021

Top Crypto Analysts

Best Crypto Analysts

Top Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Projects

Best DeFi Projects

Top Crypto Staking Projects

Best Crypto Staking Projects

Top Crypto Wallets 

Best Crypto Wallets

Top Crypto Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

Best Decentralized Exchanges

Top Crypto YouTube Channels

Best Crypto YouTube Channels

Top Crypto Projects

Best Crypto Projects

Top Crypto Privacy Coins

Best Privacy Coins

Top Crypto Games

Best Crypto Games

Top Crypto Newsletters

Best Crypto Newsletters

Top Crypto OTC Desks

Best Crypto OTC Desks

Top Crypto Exchanges

best crypto exchanges 2021

Top Crypto Funds

Top Crypto Books and Podcasts

Top Crypto Stablecoins

Top Crypto News Sites

Top Crypto Lending Projects

We will be posting these awards throughout the year here on this blog, along with an analysis of the winners. We will also be posting a corresponding video on our YouTube Channel, so make sure you subscribe to see the latest awards! 

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