Here's a question: What if Bitcoin ( BTC ) consolidated the recent gains with a sideways range between 8700 and 9700. While that would be boring for Bitcoin ( BTC ), it might give the rest of the market a chance to catch. We see decent looking charts across the crypto spectrum ranging from ETH and LTC to smaller coins like TRON, RVN, and MATIC.

Looking at Bitcoin ( BTC ) futures at the CME , dips may be limited, and a price gap may get filled. So, we think Bitcoin ( BTC ) may frustrate longs with a tight range and scare shorts with a lack of a down move.

Bottom Line: If the Trump administration can't say or do anything to stop the next rise in Bitcoin ( BTC ), then Bitcoin ( BTC ) may range trade, maybe dip, and then resume the advance. In the meantime, the rest of the crypto may play catch up.

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