We are not going to lie.

Even though BTC fell to a perfect spot on the chart near 9700, we would lie and tell you the move didn't scare the daylights out of us. Anybody who lived through 2018 sees those sudden lurches and fear the start of something worse.

On the flip side, we can't lie and say we weren't elated to see BTC recover. We were even more happy to see the move led by ETH.

Even though yesterday's trade was volatile and formed a great candle, BTC is still inside a tight range. That range is causing the Bollinger Band width to continue to crash. Bollinger Band width is a measure of how volatile a market has been over the last 20-days. The Bollinger Band width in BTCUSD is literally crashing. Bollinger Band width is so low that we believe BTCUSD is on the verge of a huge move.

Bottom Line: We're all out of patience, and we all know that crypto can always surprise us and crash. We continue to believe that the next big move in BTC is to the upside.

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