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This article is a summary of Technical Review of Blockstack, the Decentralized computing network and app ecosystem.

Let's have a look at some of the critical factors we consider at Token Metrics to validate the technology strength of the project.

Does this project need to use blockchain technology?

Yes, Blockstack is a decentralized computing platform that puts users in control of their data and identity. Blockstack has its Blockchain called Stacks Blockchain.

Can this project be realized and feasible to implement?

I would say Absolutely – Everything you need, from authentication to data storage, ready and in production. Blockstack ecosystem has its Blockchain, Stacks Blockchain, own Decentralized storage called GAIA, and own smart contracting language called CLARITY.

Does anyone need this project?

Yes, I think regular people around the world will use Blockstack Id to log in on different websites.

Is this project protected from commonly known attacks?

Yes,  Stacks Blockchain is using tunable proofs mechanism for leader selection and reusing the hash power of other "established" Blockchain like Bitcoin.  Combining this with the proof of burn mining algorithm is a unique way to implement Blockchain and protect from commonly knows attacks.

The Stacks blockchain provides the global consensus and coordination layer for the network and implements the native token of the Blockstack network called the Stacks token.

Stacks tokens are consumed as "fuel" when users register digital assets like universal usernames, software licenses, pointers to storage lockers, etc. They are also used to pay miners for registering/executing smart contracts.

I believe that the main challenge for Blockstack is to onboard a considerable portion of the global population using Blockstack Id to contribute to mass adoption of the blockchain technology.

To conclude; my overall opinion about Blockstack project

  • Solid project overall
  • Developers are outstanding, and most of them are PRO programmers, which gives this project an excellent score for the development team. Their programming and coding style superb with regular high-quality commits into the Github repositories.
  • Own Blockchain – STACKS Blockchain, Own programming language for smart contracts - CLARITY, Own storage – GAIA - they have the complete solution for the decentralized computing ecosystem
  • Most of their GitHub projects are Dockerized and unit-tested with continuous integration & delivery practices followed.  Blockstack end-to-end development process is outstanding, they gave attention to details, and they have high quality and maintainable source code.
  • Detailed developer documentation


Website - https://blockstack.org/

Roadmap - https://blockstack.org/roadmap

GitHub - https://github.com/blockstack

Forum - https://forum.blockstack.org/

Blog - https://blog.blockstack.org/

Developer Documentation - https://docs.blockstack.org/