Brave Browser Plans to Directly Integrate Solana

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Brave recently announced its plan to directly integrate the Solana blockchain within its browser during Solana’s Breakpoint conference on Monday (Nov 8). The integration is expected to release during the first half of 2022, upon which Brave’s 42 million users will gain access to Solana features by default. Specifically, Brave will default to Solana for cross-chain and Solana native dApps. In return, Solana will encourage the integration and usage of BAT within its ecosystem. 

Through this partnership, Brave has decided to make Solana the default blockchain for the Brave Browser. While Brave plans to continue its support for Ethereum, going forward Brave applications will default to use the Solana network for their Web 3 functions. 

Beyond product support, Brave further intends to directly use Solana with its plans to build the future of advertising. Brave’s Themis Protocol (an important part of the Brave 2.0 roadmap) plans to intrinsically use the Solana network to host its zero-knowledge proofs. Therefore, Brave is both offering Solana to its end users and using Solana within its back-end architecture. 

This is not the only bullish news that featured Solana this past week. FTX founder and crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried recently stated his belief that “Solana is one the few blockchains with a roadmap to scale millions of transactions”. Bankman-Fried believes Solana is better than Ethereum due to its ability to scale to an enormous number of users and transactions. Apparently, as is indicated with their new partnership, Brave seems to agree with this sentiment.

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