CasperLabs promises;

1000 transactions per shard - High Scalability and Throughput
Fully decentralised blockchain
Finality & Safety

Does this project need to use blockchain technology?

CasperLabs is aiming to address the blockchain scalability issue with fully decentralised Blockchain like Bitcoin and Ethereum. CasperLabs is developing a fully decentralised, shared and scalable, next-generation DAG(Directed-acyclic-graph) based public blockchain. It's implemented CBC (Correct-by-Construction) Casper PoS protocol, and designed for mass enterprises, developers, and consumer adoption.

Can this project be realised and feasible to implement?

The technology promises to scale the blockchain without sacrificing decentralisation through proof of stake consensus and open and permissionless access.

The goal of CasperLabs is to create a high-performance multi-threaded execution environment that can enable thousands of transactions per second, solving the significant scaling issues.

I think CasperLabs is promising something sincere and achievable goal of 1000 Transactions per shard with DAG-based blockchain and implementing CBC PoS consensus protocols family.

Does anyone need this project?

Yes, I believe that CasperLabs can be the third most trustable and fully decentralised Blockchain after Bitcoin and Ethereum. This project can serve as a foundation for the plenty of decentralised businesses and applications, and it could provide a robust platform for many large enterprises need to move towards distributed ledger technology

Is this project protected from commonly known attacks?

Yes, CasperLabs is open and permission-less using construct by correction algorithm written with fundamental, verifiable mathematical properties to enable higher security through provable and predictable behaviour.

Quality of whitepaper?

CasperLabs technical specification documents are concise, explains the directed-acyclic-graph (DAG)-based, CBC Casper PoS consensus protocol.

CBC Casper Consensus Protocol

CBC Casper is a family of "correct-by-construction" consensus protocols that share the same proof of asynchronous, Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus safety. CasperLabs strives to be the first to deploy an implementation of the Correct-by-Construction Casper Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol.

Concurrent Execution

CasperLabs execution engine is multi-threaded and allows for multiple dApps (Smart Contracts) executed concurrently. On the consensus protocol level, multiple validators are also entitled to propose blocks simultaneously.

CasperLabs use the concurrent orchestration to increase the throughput where instead of waiting for other tasks to be completed, all tasks can be executed in parallel.

DAG-based Distributed Ledger

To incentivize honest behaviour, to become a validator, one need to submit a "stake" which is held in escrow by the system. Validators need to invoke "bond" request to the CasperLabs blockchain as explained here -

CasperLabs algorithm calculates BlockScore and Cumulative GAS  for each block in the DAG to apply the fork choice rule to determine parents.

Agreement Graphs and Decision Weights

All Validators exchanges messages with each other to come up with consistent DAG. The way they make a decision is based on Decision Weights which is calculated based on Ghost rule. Ghost rule selects greedy heaviest observable sub-tree while calculating the decision weights.

CasperLabs Technical Specification:

WASM Based Smart Contracts

CasperLabs supports smart-contract written in WebAssembly — which is a universal binary format designed for secure, fast and sand-boxed execution. WebAssembly can compile many other languages as well.

CasperLabs Explorer:

Testnet Demo

Follow the step-by-step instructions to setup Docker-based local CasperLabs components and connect to their Testnet.

Overall Opinion

A unique project aiming to disrupt the blockchain space to the next level without compromising security and decentralisation.

Solid project backed-up by the top-notch team of developers and leaders to make this project possible.

The development process is superb.