What Would You Hope For in 2020?

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis

Hiding from the bear: BTC Technical Analysis

Watch our most recent technical analysis for Bitcoin as we go into 2020.

Crypto Wishlist for Santa

What cryptocurrencies do we want as air drops from Santa?

We answer that question in our recent Token Metrics Live stream.

Gratitude and the Spirit of Crypto

There’s a vast difference between being positive on a market when the charts are looking so good.

And then there’s something different — the spirit of why you would want to invest at all.

For us, one of the toughest parts of 2019 is watching stocks go up while crypto slumped.

Stocks ride the wave of central banks printing money.

Crypto suffers under the weight of mass liquidation resulting from the end of PlusToken’s Ponzi scheme.

That liquidation has left the Bitcoin and Ethereum chart in limbo.

If Bitcoin moved above 7800, then we can see getting bullish.

Ethereum has to break above 135 and then 140 before you can be hopeful there.

As crypto enthusiasts, it’s hard not to FOMO into a rally.

As disciplined analysts, we have to bide our time. Waiting is difficult.

All that said, the Holidays can be time to think and consider the good news in your life.

We are all participating in a productive exercise in reinventing money.

Every crypto trader and investor contribute liquidity and helps the market function.

That function market may one day save humanity once printing fiat finally backfires on governments.

Participating in crypto may or may not have made you a lot of money in 2019.

Indeed, Team Token Metrics is working night and day to give you the edge you need in 2020 and beyond.

That way, you can participate in crypto, help create a new monetary system for humanity, and make more money than you can imagine.

In the short term, we are grateful there has not been another heave lower in crypto so far.

We are also thankful that precious metals seem to trade well.

We hope that is the precursor to stability in crypto.

In the meantime, we like the Proof of Stake (PoS) theme.

Alts like Cosmos and Tezos seem to bounce well after down days.

That means the up trends may remain intact there.

Blockstack appears to be starting an uptrend even if that uptrend was starting with us publishing a positive view on the coin.

A positive outlook on staking is working, and we think traders can buy the dumps and make some profit on the pumps in these coins.

Regardless of the next move in crypto, we are grateful for you, our readers, and viewers.

We will be here for you in 2020. When the crypto dawn finally comes, you will reap the rewards of the homework you do today.

It is our privilege to be your guide and the provider of the data and analysis you need to succeed in the long term.

30-Day Bitcoin Price Prediction

End the year off right by having an idea where the bitcoin price is going.

Click the link below to see our 30-day price prediction using machine learning.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Stay safe out there.

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The Token Metrics Team

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