Research is all about themes and imagination. As I'm sure you know, our most prominent theme was Ethereum (ETH) has the power to lead a crypto rally. We also believed that Ethereum (ETH) had the potential to lead the market and outperform Bitcoin ( BTC ) in a rising market.

Looking at the chart of Ethereum (ETH) vs. Bitcoin ( BTC ), we are seeing ETHBTC is wedged between the 21-day moving average and a massive horizontal resistance point. If ETHBTC can break out - meaning ETH is leading a rally - it is very bullish . If Ethereum (ETH) fails badly and starts to lead a down move, then out hopes for Ethereum would be dashed.

Bottom Line: We know you want a definite read and firm conviction on predictions. As with Bitcoin ( BTC ), there is no evidence as of yet that Ethereum can rally. We think Ethereum (ETH) looks better than most cryptos on the chart, but we need to see confirmation. We need proof that our theories are right. If they are not, crypto is in trouble.

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