ETHBTC is the mother of all crypto charts.

If ETH breaks out above .022333, then ETH will lead, and crypto will go up. If ETHBTC can breakout above this level, it would signal that big coins below Bitcoin ( BTC ) on the market cap are ready to read a significant move higher. We continue to believe that any potential major advance in crypto will need to be led by Ethereum (ETH). Conversely, If ETH fails here, then the crypto market may be in trouble.

Bottom Line: We believe in Ethereum (ETH) for multiple reasons. Some of them are fundamental; some of them are technical. That said, we don't want to dogmatic about our positive view. We want to see technical confirmation that Ethereum (ETH) is the leader, and a new crypto bull market has started. If we don't get proof, we have to control any fear and wait and see what happens.

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