You may have noticed that we are done telling people not to chase altcoins. That's one thing. It's another thing to say to people to buy an altcoin at resistance. That seems crazy, and it does not always work.

In the case of Komodo ( KMD ), it might. We are noticing that Komodo ( KMD ) has already taken out its previous 4th. That means it has moved past the point where the last avalanche lower began. So, even though Komodo ( KMD ) is up a lot, we do think you can start buying dips looking for even more upside.

Bottom Line: Whatever alt has good upside momentum may pull in more and more speculative money. We don't like it when the crypto market turns into a casino. That said, we love going with momentum in any altcoin with a decent chart and reasonable fundamentals. The Chinese have declared, "blockchain is back!" So, that means there are alt plays out there that could embark on extended up trends. Komodo ( KMD ) could be one of those plays.

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