Low Cap Indices Are Here to Help You Find Low Cap Gems

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Alt season is here, and Token Metrics is here to help you grab the bull by the horns. After a lengthy internal testing process, we are proud to unveil our new Low Cap Indices.

The Low Cap Indices use the existing index technology that harnesses the machine learning power of Token Metrics in a streamlined and straightforward way but takes this power one step further.

We created the Low Cap Indices with the specific purpose of helping you find the hidden gems of crypto as it only considers tokens less than $30 million in market cap.

It goes without saying that the Low Cap Indices will be a far riskier investment than our other indices, but with higher risk comes great reward.

Let’s face it—you wouldn’t be in crypto unless you had an appetite for risk.

That said, enjoy the Low Cap Indices.

Also, feel free to submit your requests for new features here.

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