A lot of big players in the crypto space believe that privacy is not a reason to invest in a coin. We believe the reasoning is that privacy is a feature that might be added to any big coin out there to increase its appeal. While we don't presume to debate the blockchain technology details, we do know one thing.

With the communist Chinese saying they want to dominate blockchain and the American socialist left rising fast, one thing is sure. Governments want to either track your money, take your money, or both. So, in our view, privacy - once considered dead - is THE economic issue for the wealthy headed into 2020.

Looking at the chart of the highest-profile privacy play Monero (XMR), we see a breakout above a significant Fib resistance level near 60. This Fib speed line has stonewalled Monero (XMR) all year.

Bottom Line: We think Monero (XMR) is breaking out. For us, the risk-reward is beneficial to get involved now and bet the privacy theme grows over time.

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