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The Highlight of the Week

PayPal Withdraws from Facebook-Led Libra Crypto Project,

Facebook Libra was an audacious attempt to take on the governments across the world. Instead of pegging their token to one sovereign currency, Facebook/Libra decided to design a token based on a basket of currencies. When the attempts to make one global currency haven’t been fruitful for ages now, why anyone would think that their currency will be approved is perplexing. On one side, governments such as France and Germany have conspicuously opined that they do not intend to launch Libra in their countries, and on the other hand, the US has also, in its way, protested against the Libra project. In other words, governments across the world are against the idea of a new corporate-issued currency backed by a basket of sovereign currencies.

As the governments are hostile towards the idea of Libra, the chances of regulatory approval are deteriorating by the day. In this backdrop, it is difficult for Libra council members to remain optimistic about Libra’s current form. After all, it is not cheap to be a Libra council member. PayPal is the first to opt-out. And as the regulatory limbo continues, we expect that it won’t be the last one unless a few changes made to bring regulators on board.

Technical Analysis


The recovery off the lows is impressive, and it feels great to see green. We continue to believe that Bitcoin will benefit from weakness in the stock market and geopolitical uncertainties. We can't see how big traditional portfolio managers can avoid buying Bitcoin in Q4. All that said, we need to Bitcoin breakout on the upside. Based on Gann's work, the best-case scenario would be a strong burst through 8500.

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We like our bullish thesis in Ethereum (ETH). We continue to believe that the next significant up move in crypto will be led by Ethereum (ETH).

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It may be time to buy the next small dip in EOS. If it works out to be a good trade, a bottom may be in place.

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Top News From Last Week

SEC charges for an unregistered security sale of EOS tokens

The SEC is trying to set a precedent. However, in our view, this verdict has a problem. As the regulatory body, it is the job of the SEC to incentivize good behavior on the founders' part in the crypto-asset industry. On EOS' $4 billion token sale, the fine is a meager 0.6% of the total amount raised. To put it into the context, even the domain name costs $30 million!

One of the reasons cited behind the decision is that is working with the SEC. is initiating a process of consultation and discussion with staff of the Division, including the SEC’s Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology (FinHub) in connection with the Voice token. will continue to engage with staff of the Division and FinHub on its future projects, as appropriate.

In connection with any offerings relying on Regulation D, intends to work closely with its securities counsel to ensure compliance with Regulation D generally and will continue to engage experienced U.S. securities counsel for such purposes. (From SEC filings)

On top of that, the SEC may allow to conduct a new token sale for its Voice tokens.

The problem is, on the one hand, is getting away with pocket change compared to the amount they raised, and on the other hand, Blockstack, which raised $23 million, invested more than ten months and $2 million to get the necessary approval from the regulators.

The message seems to be precise; it is better to do what you want and pay fine than to play by the rules.

Bitfinex and Tether saga continues

A class-action lawsuit claiming damages worth more than $1.4 trillion was filed against Bitfinex and Tether by the lawyers who successfully fought against Craig Wright. The allegations include:

  • Market manipulation
  • Antitrust Violation (Abusing monopoly)
  • Defrauding investors and so onOver the years, multiple stablecoins have hit the market. Therefore, reliance on Tether has been on the decline. There could be short term liquidity problems if the Tether is convicted. However, in the medium and long term, other stablecoins will be able to fill the gap.

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