This article is a summary of Token Metrics Fundamental Review of Perlin a scalable DAG creating a global distributed marketplace for compute availability and compute power.

Perlin scored 75% for its fundamentals and 87% for its technology. We are excited about its partnerships and investors, the idea, the press it got from having an IEO on Binance, and how it could be thought of as the Uber or Airbnb of underutilized devices.

We will highlight some crucial fundamental data points we look at in our fundamental review beginning with the initial screening.

Were tokens sold at an 80% discount in a prior round?

  • No

Does the community own more than 50% of the tokens?

  • Yes

Are the team, advisors, and seed round investors tokens locked more than six months past when tokens are liquid?

  • No

Moving on to some additional critical fundamental data points that we believe showcase the project's fundamental strengths.

Does the project have reputable early investors?

  • Yes, they have 180 investors, including FBG, Bitmain, and Arlington Capital (Ripple).

Is there someone on the team that can articulate the vision?

  • The CEO and project manager, Dorjee Sun, is the spokesperson. He has had many conversations with industry leaders. He is capable of articulating the project's vision and use cases.

Is the project listed on a top exchange?

  • Yes, the project had its IEO on Binance.

Here are some additional fundamental data points that show the project's fundamental weaknesses.

What is the relation of initial circulating supply to market cap?

  • 11%

How many website views does the project get each month?


We also took a look at some additional data points.

How are they structuring the token sale?

What is the problem they are trying to solve?

  • A smartphone is only utilized 20% of the time and a pc 9%. Perlin is trying to allow people to turn their lazy devices into devices that can earn money.

Overall Opinion

Perlin is a good project that scored 75% for its fundamental review and 87% for its technology. We were excited about several things regarding the idea of the project and of course the fact that it is having its IEO on Binance. We were reasonably concerned regarding the amount of money that Perlin raised. In this market, it is difficult for tokens to appreciate with such high fundraises. The tokens sold to investors were not given much of a discount if any which was promising.

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