We’re opening up the Token Metrics blog to guest posts so we can expand our coverage on crypto investment, analysis, and research strategies.

Over the last few years, we’ve noticed that subscribers love expert commentary and analysis from crypto investors, and we want to make a home for valuable crypto investment analysis, research, and more.

We also want to help great crypto analysts reach more people on an ongoing basis.

To submit a guest post or query, or if you have questions, email info@tokenmetrics.com.

Why submit a guest post?

Explore a topic in-depth and publish to a large audience.

We’re looking for articles that are, on average, more than 1,000 words.

Establish yourself as a thought leader and share your experience with other investors.

Please note that our contributor program is for industry experts, and is unpaid.

How to pitch a guest post?

Email a complete draft of your guest post to info@tokenmetrics.com, or send us a detailed summary that explains why your post would be of interest to our audience.

It may take some time to respond; generally speaking, you can expect to receive a reply within a week.

Guest Posting Tips

Please link and cite sources, to make it easier to fact check.

Talk about your analysis and not your company.

Please include a speaker bio at the end of the post.

If Your Article is Published

We reserve the right to minor editorial edits (grammar, spelling, and style) before publishing.

After Publishing

We will send you a link to the published article.

You are free to re-publish your article on other sites after one week, as long as you link back to the original article.

Don't Be Disappointed With A No

We’re selective with what we publish and do not be disappointed if your article isn’t for published.

To submit a guest post or query, or if you have questions, email info@tokenmetrics.com.