Newest Addition to Our Suite of Tools: TM Grade

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The latest upgrade to Token Metrics is here! Our Analysts and Data Scientists have been working around the clock to develop an even smarter token ranking system: TM Grade. 

TM Grade is the newest addition to our suite of tools designed to pinpoint the best moves for your crypto portfolio, regardless of market conditions.  

What’s So Special?

TM Grade provides daily ratings which indicate the short-term future ROI potential for over 6K tokens. Our analysts and data scientists have taken over 80 data points, including historical pricing data, token performance inputs (such as Sortino ratio, Sharpe ratio, and max drawdown), and 50+ technical indicators (including adaptive moving averages, volatility indicators, and volume indicators) to create a proprietary algorithm which leverages machine learning to help us more accurately predict future ROI.

In Plain English:

TM Grade is a new smarter, supercharged grading system to help you identify undervalued and overvalued crypto assets. (And it’s going to keep getting smarter and smarter.)

Don’t be Left Behind:

To celebrate the launch of TM Grade, we are offering a special limited-time 25% discount on the purchase of any annual plan.

Offer:25% discount on any annual plan
Available:July 21 – July 30, 2021
Coupon Code:TMGRADE

Note: If you are already enrolled in an annual plan, but not at the end of your year, renew now, and the 25% discount will be locked in when the next plan starts.

Over the next few months we will be launching many more enhancements and exciting new features – lock in your savings today! There is no better time to join the Token Metrics family

As we like to say, the moon is not the limit, to the moon and beyond!

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