Token Metrics Astronaut Affiliate Program

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Calling all Astronauts!

We are very excited to open up the Token Metrics Astronaut Affiliate Program.

This is a new affiliate program for Token Metrics customers.

Share in the success of taking crypto to the moon and beyond.

All Token Metrics customers can now invite friends and crypto investors to and receive 40% lifetime commissions on all customers referred for 12 months.

You can also earn an additional 10% lifetime commissions on sub-affiliates (new customers your referred customers also invite) for 12 months.

This type of affiliate program helps align the incentives of Token Metrics with our customers and their friends.

To sweeten the program, and to make it easier for your friends to join, any customer referred by an affiliate earns a 10% discount on Token Metrics.

Making it a win-win for you and your friends.

Get started today and join the Token Metrics Astronaut Affiliate Program today, by signing up here:

Affiliate Program Recap

  • 40% lifetime recurring commissions
  • 10% sub-affiliate lifetime recurring commissions
  • 10% discount to referred customers

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