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These past few months have been exhilarating in the crypto market as cryptocurrencies have become more and more mainstream. From the parabolic DeFi bull market to the global Twitter hack promoting Bitcoin scams, crypto has been in its most exciting form. 

All the while, Token Metrics has been growing to new highs as we provide the information, analysis, and metrics needed to navigate the volatile crypto market. Led by the recently released Token Metrics Indices, model portfolios consistently outperforming Bitcoin, Token Metrics has grown by 224% in August alone.

The crypto community has given us so much, and we want to give back to this incredible crypto family through the Token Metrics Astronaut Scholarship. Through this program, you can earn a free year of Token Metrics at any subscription level. Yes, that means you can receive a complimentary year of the HODLer plan, Investor plan, or even the Professional plan.

How do I get a free Token Metrics account?

Earning a free Token Metrics account is quite simple. All you have to do is sign up for our Astronaut Affiliate Program. With the Token Metrics affiliate program, you earn a free account based on how many customers you refer to Token Metrics. 

Your free account level depends on how many referrals you make, and the free subscription lasts for one year. If you are already a Token Metrics member, you can still earn a free account or even upgrade your account through the affiliate program.

Here’s how the Astronaut Scholarship breaks down for earning a free account:

  • Free HODLer Plan: 5 referrals subscribe to an annual plan
  • Free Investor Plan: 10 referrals subscribe to an annual plan
  • Free Professional Plan: 50 referrals subscribe to an annual plan

With the Astronaut Affiliate Program, you also earn a 40% commission on your referrals

Yes, you read that correctly. If you refer someone to the yearly Professional plan, you are taking home $1,295.64 after your referrals receive a 10% discount by using your affiliate code! It is important to note that you only earn commission on the first twelve months of a referrals account, and you can not earn a commission if you are redeeming your referrals for a free account.

Start earning your free account today by signing for the Astronaut Affiliate Program at this link!

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