Token Metrics Rare NFTs – How to Get One?

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What if everything you needed to know about crypto investing could fit into one book? What if the content of that book was furthermore easy to read, understand, and apply? We’re proud to tell you this is no pie-in-the-sky fantasy — this book is real and ready for you to read today.

Within hours of announcing our book, we are trending #1 on Amazon for multiple categories in the Books section.

To commemorate the occasion, we will be issuing rare non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to our Token Metrics Family members that buy and send books in support of our mission of economic empowerment for all humanity.

We will have the following NFT rewards for anyone that purchases a book. This will be the initial transformation of our Token Metrics family into an NFT based ecosystem.

Number of Books PurchasedTierNFTs AvailableNFT ImageRewards
1-91x8,890Front Book CoverAccess to exclusive Token Metrics Meetups and VIP status at Token Metrics conferences
10-9910x1,000Back Book Cover– Everything in 1x Tier
– Early pre-sale access to future Token Metrics NFT mints
100-999100x100Chapter Covers– Everything in 10x Tier
– Lifetime access to TM Investor Plan Private Telegram group
– Exclusive monthly Token Metrics webinar only for NFT holders
1,0001,000x10Trading Cards– Everything in 100x Tier
– Lifetime access to TM Professional Plan Private Telegram group
– In-person dinner with Ian, Forrest, and Bill

To qualify for an NFT you will have to complete the following:

  1. Buy X amount of copies of our book for family, friends, charity, or school between the dates of August 28th, 2021 to October 7th, 2021. For bulk purchases, please email
  2. Complete online NFT claim form at

The Moon is not the limit. To the Moon and beyond!

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