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You asked, we listened: today we invite all our customers to test-drive our brand-new offering, Token Metrics TV!

Born from our beloved Sunday livestreams, Token Metrics TV is your one-stop-shop for crypto news and information. Token Metrics TV will offer everything you need to build generational wealth in the crypto space – market updates, price predictions, hidden gem investments, technology deep dives, interviews with crypto movers and shakers, and much more.

Here’s our CEO Ian Balina welcoming you to Token Metrics TV. 

Token Metrics TV Shows:

Here’s the rundown on the shows we’re offering during this early access phase:

1. The Market Update with Bill Noble (Chief Technical Analyst at Token Metrics)

Time: 6 pm EST / 10 pm UTC, Monday – Friday

The Market Update provides guidance and price predictions for cryptos big and small. If you want to know what’s going to happen next, tune in.

2. Moon Mission with Ian Balina (Founder and CEO of Token Metrics)

Time: 12 pm EST / 4 pm UTC, Tuesday

This show is the next evolution of the old spreadsheet streams from 2017. Join Token Metrics CEO Ian Balina in building wealth with crypto. Ian discusses crypto investment strategies and risk management while answering all your questions.

3. Crypto Foresights with Forrest Przybysz (Senior Cryptocurrency Investment Analyst at Token Metrics)

Time: 6 pm EST / 10 pm UTC, Tuesday

Forrest takes a mathematical modeling approach to identify realistic scenarios that could play out for our favorite cryptocurrencies in this market cycle.

4. Quant Insights with Jad Hajali (Quantitative Analyst at Token Metrics)

Time: 6 pm EST / 10 pm UTC, Wednesday

Jad discusses how to use quantitative methodologies to build portfolios, improve investment strategies, and manage risk in crypto.

5. Hidden Gems with Forrest Przybysz

Time: 6 pm EST / 10 pm UTC, Thursday

Token Metrics analyzes and scores hundreds of projects so you don’t have to. These are the projects from this week that we think you should know about.

6. Crypto Roundup with Dylan Love (Managing Editor at Token Metrics)

Time: 6 pm EST / 10 pm UTC, Friday

The crypto news cycle moves quickly and you don’t want to be left behind. Tune in to Crypto Roundup to stay up to date with what matters most.

7. Crypto Happy Hour with Bill Noble

Time: 6 pm EST / 10 pm UTC, Friday

Tune in to Crypto Happy Hour to see another side of Token Metrics Chief Technical Analyst Bill Noble. Here he talks candidly about crypto’s present and future.

8. The 100x Show with Ian Balina

Time: Flexible time

This show features in-depth technology reviews with prominent figures in cryptocurrency and blockchain. This is the place to find one-on-one talks with interesting people working on big ideas.

9. Crypto Hot Seat with Dylan Love

Time: 1 pm EST / 5 pm UTC, Sunday

An interview show that puts crypto influencers, business leaders, and other industry heavyweights front and center. Here’s a sneak peek of Dylan’s interview with Bill.

For a limited time only, use the promo code “TOKENMETRICSTV” for 25% off for one year when you subscribe to a Token Metrics plan today. (Expires 5/17/21.)

Token Metrics TV is currently available to all customers. 

We are thankful for your continued support and cannot wait to see where our future takes us!

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