Bitcoin CME Futures
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Bitcoin CME Futures Technical Analysis - November 4th, 2019
Technical Analysis
We think the "underbelly" of the crypto market below Bitcoin ( BTC ) has a lot of upside. That could help push Bitcoin ( BTC ) higher sooner rather than later.
Bitcoin CME Futures Technical Analysis - October 30th, 2019
Technical Analysis
We do think crypto is transitioning into a phase where you can try to buy dips across the spectrum.
Bitcoin CME Futures Technical Analysis - October 29th, 2019
Technical Analysis
If the Trump administration can't say or do anything to stop the next rise in Bitcoin ( BTC ), then Bitcoin ( BTC ) may range trade, maybe dip, and then resume the advance. In the meantime, the rest of the crypto may play catch up.
Bitcoin CME Futures Technical Analysis - October 28th, 2019
Bitcoin CME Futures Technical Analysis - October 3rd, 2019
Technical Analysis
Bitcoin futures are always an essential thing for crypto players to keep an eye on. Bitcoin ( BTC ) is at a critical point. What Bitcoin ( BTC ) does near 8250 may determine future direction.
Bitcoin CME Futures Technical Analysis - September 18th, 2019
Technical Analysis
Looking at Bitcoin futures , we are going to stick with our idea that big institutions are going to be big buyers of Bitcoin headed into the end of the year. The recent rally in big coins and alts is creating a sense of FOMO in the crypto markets.
Bitcoin CME Futures Technical Analysis - September 17th, 2019
Technical Analysis
Right now, the focus is on a possible head and shoulders bottom on the CMEBitcoin futures chart. We are looking closely at Bitcoin futures for a reason.

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