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Bitcoin Technical Analysis - November 20th, 2019
Technical Analysis
The fact that people are giving up on crypto at the end of 2019 could be very bullish in 2020.
Bitcoin Technical Analysis - November 19th, 2019
Technical Analysis
We continue to believe that a much bigger Bitcoin ( BTC ) rally may be a late 2019 or early 2020 phenomenon.
Bitcoin Technical Analysis - November 18th, 2019
Technical Analysis
We remember in 2017 that there was a massive move in Bitcoin ( BTC ) near the Thanksgiving holiday. We do think history can repeat.
Bitcoin Technical Analysis - November 14th, 2019
Technical Analysis
We have to admit it. Every time we see the whole market in the red, it creates a bit of 2018 flashback. We are pushing back against our fears. We are going to rely on the tactical charts to see if Bitcoin ( BTC ) can hold near 8700. If it does, a tactical rally could come soon.
Bitcoin Technical Analysis - November 13th, 2019
Technical Analysis
We are all just waiting. If falling rates help Bitcoin ( BTC ), help may be on its way soon.
Bitcoin Technical Analysis - November 12th, 2019
Technical Analysis
Sometimes, the key to the next trade is to focus on significant pivot levels and then see what happens. 8750 is such a level.
Bitcoin Technical Analysis - November 11th, 2019
Technical Analysis
Bitcoin ( BTC ) has to stay above 8500. That is the location of the 50-day moving average. If that level holds, chances increase that Bitcoin ( BTC ) follows alts and goes up to 10k. If Bitcoin ( BTC ) continues to fall, the fall could be dramatic. The target could be 6k.
Bitcoin Technical Analysis - November 8th, 2019
Technical Analysis
This could be a great buying opportunity in Bitcoin ( BTC ). If it isn't, then you have to stop out and wait for another chance.
Bitcoin Technical Analysis - November 7th, 2019
Technical Analysis
If Bitcoin ( BTC ) can survive a rise in the Dollar in the FX markets and remain in its range, that would be an excellent sign. Generally speaking, we think it pays off to occasionally look at legacy markets for clues on crypto.
Bitcoin Technical Analysis - November 6th, 2019
Technical Analysis
Since Bitcoin is not backing off, we are naturally staying positive. We think the upside action may lie elsewhere in the crypto space.
Bitcoin Technical Analysis - November 5th, 2019
Technical Analysis
We are ok with the fact Bitcoin ( BTC ) is bound in a range. We believe it gives other cryptos a chance to rally vs. Bitcoin ( BTC ). It's not alt season, but alts can do better in this environment.
Bitcoin Technical Analysis - November 1st, 2019
Technical Analysis
We can dare to dream. China supporting crypto and blockchain and U.S. politicians overtly redistributing wealth, AND printing money are the fundamental backbone of the Elliot scenario.
Bitcoin Technical Analysis - October 31st, 2019
Technical Analysis
Coming up with good pivot points involves trial and error. Let's see how well 9420 works as a pivot , and we can go from there.
Bitcoin Technical Analysis - October 25th, 2019
Technical Analysis
With a 15% spike in one day, we have to take a step back and observe.

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