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Cosmos Technical Analysis - November 29th, 2019
Technical Analysis
If Cosmos can break through 5151, a rally back to the highs is possible. If you're long, leave it. If you're not long, wait until a breakout above 5151 and then buy a dip from there.
Cosmos Technical Analysis - November 19th, 2019
Technical Analysis
We like buying the dip in Cosmos (ATOM) at these levels. Risk reward is good for traders near 4230. We hope that Bitcoin ( BTC ) stabilizes and that allows alts to continue their up move.
Cosmos Technical Analysis - November 8th, 2019
Technical Analysis
Assuming the crypto market is not crashing, we think any dip in Cosmos (ATOM) is a buy for an eventual move to over 5000. If Bitcoin ( BTC ) continues to stagnate, we think Cosmos (ATOM) can benefit.
Cosmos Technical Analysis - October 31st, 2019
Technical Analysis
We are warming up the idea that Cosmos (ATOM) has long term upside potential. ATOM may be a good long play on days when crypto is green.
Cosmos Technical Analysis - September 30th, 2019
Technical Analysis
We believe the minimum upside target could be the 23% retracement at 3382. We believe the up move may continue until ATOMBTC reaches what Elliot wave practitioners call "the previous 4th."
Cosmos Technical Analysis - September 22nd, 2019
Technical Analysis
On the bearish side, ATOMBTC rallied and then failed, right at the 23% retracement of its June - September down move. Looking at this, you could make an argument that ATOMBTC will return to its low or make a new low.
Cosmos Technical Analysis - September 16th, 2019
Technical Analysis
ATOM has hit our target near 3382. That level is the 23% retracement of the recent down move. If you assume ATOM is still in a bear market, then today's 11% move should complete the corrective rally. That would leave ATOM at the mercy of any new up move in BTC.

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