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Ethereum Technical Analysis - November 29th, 2019
Technical Analysis
You don't know how we would love to see a recovery in Ethereum (ETH) above 160. A recovery above that level would allow for a much more bullish stance on crypto.
Ethereum Technical Analysis - November 26th, 2019
Technical Analysis
The Chinese want to break the crypto market and discourage people from using crypto as a way to escape Hong Kong and the mainland financial system.
Ethereum Technical Analysis - November 25th, 2019
Technical Analysis
If the Chinese crypto crackdown is creating forced liquidation pressure, Ethereum (ETH) could still be in trouble if there is no follow-through on today's rally.
Ethereum Technical Analysis - November 22nd, 2019
Technical Analysis
We can hope this decline somehow stops. The key to recovery or stability will be to see if Ethereum (ETH) can recover back above 153. If not, big coins are in trouble.
Ethereum Technical Analysis - November 21st, 2019
Technical Analysis
We have to face facts. Bitcoin ( BTC ) cracked 8k, and alts fell apart. Ethereum is now at the mercy of the market. Protect yourself.
Ethereum Technical Analysis - November 20th, 2019
Technical Analysis
Given that the crypto market is weak, we would be ready for a dip in ETHBTC below .2158. If that dip happens and ETHBTC recovers back above the trend line , that would be the chance to try and buy.
Ethereum Technical Analysis - November 19th, 2019
Technical Analysis
These corrective slumps in Ethereum (ETH) vs. Bitcoin are more of a nuisance. We believe there is material long term upside here. We have to live with corrective activity and wait.
Ethereum Technical Analysis - November 18th, 2019
Technical Analysis
With little price action to go off, we wait to see if our Ethereum-based positive view of crypto pays off.
Ethereum Technical Analysis - November 14th, 2019
Technical Analysis
Considering the listless nature of the range trade, we were grateful to find this analytical nugget. The range in Ethereum (ETH) could be a good thing. Bulls may have to bide their time.
Ethereum Technical Analysis - November 13th, 2019
Technical Analysis
Ethereum (ETH) is in a position to lead a move higher. ETHBTC is still in a bullish phase. So a positive stance on ETH is not just wishful thinking on our part.
Ethereum Technical Analysis - November 12th, 2019
Technical Analysis
This chart does give us some hope that Ethereum can wake up and lead a move up in crypto.
Ethereum Technical Analysis - November 11th, 2019
Technical Analysis
If ETH continues to hold up, we cling to a belief that crypto markets can move higher.
Ethereum Technical Analysis - November 8th, 2019
Technical Analysis
With Ethereum (ETH) sitting on its 50-DMA , it hard to be negative here. We are constructive ETHBTC until proven wrong.
Ethereum Technical Analysis - November 7th, 2019
Technical Analysis
What needs to happen now is to see if bulls can manage to show up in Ethereum (ETH) on dips. This will be key to gauge the health of the crypto market over the next five days.

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